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Dillon MacDonald

Connect with Dillon at dillon@iwmfl.com

We are pleased to welcome Dillon MacDonald to the IWM team! Mr. MacDonald is a young professional with a knack for communication management and business-to-customer marketing. With 5+ years of experience in business administration, customer service, and marketing; Dillon brings a plethora of expertise to the firm that he will use to fine-tune our day-to-day initiatives.

Mr. MacDonald moved to Florida during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic after spending his college years at Mercy College – all while co-managing a family-operated remediation appraisal and consulting business. Dillon enjoys spending time outdoors with his partner Charlotte. You will often find him kayaking or hiking with his family and friends on weekends. Mr. MacDonald loves to get to know his clients so don’t be shy when you come by the office!